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Hack into windows to Make Your Computer Faster and Perform Better

Simple tasks like windows startup, running software applications, watching videos or listening to music online, slow performance while playing games or simply browsing a website could be a pain if it loads really slow or hangs on. These performance tips should work irrespective of a low or high configuration PC. We all want our windows […]

Essential run commands list for Windows 7

Entire List of Run Commands in windows 8 Windows OS enables us to quick access applications via shortcut commands. Run Prompt is one of the computer’s useful command panel that allows to open programs easily and in a fast way. Depending upon the windows version ( 7, or XP) and windows editions, some of these […]

Latest List of Run Commands in windows 8

Entire List of Run Commands in windows 8 Below is a list of all hidden run commands in windows 8. Most of these run commands are inherited from earlier Windows 7 or XP. View the post on List of Run Commands in Windows 7, if you are using Windows 7. Please note that some of […]