Latest Top 5 ways to make free calls from Phone or PC

If you have a mobile device that is either built on Android or iOS, and If you are looking for free ways to make free calls from your mobile phone to other’s internationally, continue reading.

1. Android or Apple iOS based mobile phone (Such as Samsung Devices or iPhone)
2. Wifi or 2G or 3G or 4G LTE Data Plan with your choice of service provider.
3. Finally a software App that allows to make free phone calls. (Choose from below)

Below are some Apps that can be installed from App Store (for iOS devices) or from Market Place (for Android devices). Do note that this list is based on my experience and preferrence with the audio/video quality irrespective of high or low internet connections

Google Voice
Free calls and text through google voice

If you Live in the US or Canada, than this is the best app you could ever get to make free US long distance calls. It also offers low rates on international calls. One amazing feature I like about Google Voice is that it allows to call or text to any US Mobile number for free. However, if you are outside of US (for example from countries like China, India, Pakistan), you won’t be able to use this app. Don’t worry, continue reading and I have some other apps for you if you can’t install google voice.

Make free calls from Viber

Viber is one of the most widely used free call solutions on the list. You have to be calling other Viber users for it to be free. You can also use it for text and group messaging. Viber is a little more simple than many of the other apps but it gets the job done. Viber can be installed on both Tablets and mobile phones. The best part I like is that it offers some cool free emotions that comes really handy during chat sessions.

magicApp by Magic Jack
Free calls from magic Jack to mobile phones

This is one of a unique and amazing app that actually allows to call to other mobile phones that does not have viber. Its like you are calling from magicApp to a Mobile user that doesn’t have a internet connection. However, there are regional restrictions. If you live in the US or Canada, you can make free calls to just about anyone. If you’re outside of the US or Canada or you’re calling someone outside of the US or Canada without magicApp, then you must pay a fee like usual. The exception, of course, is that if both parties have magicApp, all calls are still free.

Make free voice and video calls using Skype

Most people already know what Skype is and what it can do. You can make free Skype calls to anyone who has Skype and non-Skype numbers require a small fee. Although I have noticed that it performs badly on low internet connection devices. On the other hand I would recommand it for Video Call’s as it transmits good quality videos and also allows desktop sharing (on Computer).

Make free calls using Line app

Line is another popular option to make free calls on Android. It currently sports over 400 million users worldwide and contains a lot of nifty features. One of which is free phone calls to other Line users. You can call non-Line users but there is a small fee (which isn’t unusual for these apps). It also features text messaging and group texting.